Our green spaces

Green Growth Wales: Investing in the Future

Our green spaces, like Our Orchard and hospital gardens where the natural environment is allowed to flourish, offer havens to humans and wildlife alike. Yet it is only in recent years that the importance of the green infrastructure is being recognised in policies for multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.

Quality green spaces can reduce pollution, linked to asthma and heart disease, reduce symptoms of depression and mental illness, alleviate flood risk, provide wildlife habitats and increase biodiversity, productivity and innovation and provide spaces for community cohesion.

Improving our environments, whether natural or urban, is a critical issue for communities in Wales. It is not just a matter of poor aesthetics but significant for our health. The quality of our environment cannot be separated from other aspects of our daily life and is intrinsically linked to our sense of place and sense of wellbeing.

We hope that the Health community and our partnerships will support our vision to provide a space that will become a haven for all.