Did you know that we have bee hives at the University Hospital of Wales?

During the autumn of 2019, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff University had two bee hives installed on the 2nd floor roof of the Cochrane Building funded by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity.

This joint project has a dedicated team of ‘Medic Beekeepers’, made up of staff members, who look after our tiny friends.

Last year the team liaised with the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital regarding naming the bee hives.  They decided to hold a colouring and naming competition, open to all ages.  In total there were approximately 30 pictures and names submitted. The two winning entries were: Bee Happy and Gwenyn Hardd (Beautiful Bees).

The team also decided to name the apiary after another of their favourite entries. So the bee hives now officially reside at 1 Bee Bumble Dr Hive.

Huge thanks goes to all those involved, and in particular Laurence Murphy and Sharron Heathcote who have been tending to the bee’s during the current lockdown period.

Sharron said: “Bee Happy has always been a very happy hive and still has the original queen. They are making loads of lovely honey for us. Beautiful Bees has always struggled, they didn’t like the original queen so made a new one. Unfortunately they made her too late in the year so she didn’t have time to go and mate, therefore we moved frames containing the eggs and larvae from Bee Happy. We hope that they now have a queen they are happy with, we should know more soon.”

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